2022 Current Buyer Trends for Paintings

Abstract Minimalist Oil Painting on Canvas | Innovign Art Shop

2022 Current Buyer Trends for Paintings

The art world is an extremely changeable, trend-based market. It is easy to predict what types of artwork will gain the most popularity in any given year by evaluating buyer trends in combination with other global factors such as societal, environmental, and cultural shifts. For 2022, the art market is predicted to boom with more buyers investing in esteemed pieces that represent cultural diversity, free expression, and a juxtaposition of individuality and unity.  

Digital Channels will Increase Buyers

Wandering Harmony - Abstract Oil Painting on Canvas | Innovign Art Shop

The art scene was slow to fully convert to the digital age, but that change seems to be taking full effect this year. The extensive digital technology available at our fingertips will vastly increase the buyer audience for high-end art in 2022. With more reputable online art collections and digital galleries, buyers will be able to see artwork they otherwise wouldn’t have access to. 

This also helps in breaking down the exclusivity that has existed for so long in the art market. People from all regions and walks of life will be able to view masterful artwork, making the competition for buyers more intense and the market for sellers more profitable. 

Sustainability at the Forefront

The environmental crisis seems to be seeping into everything we do in 2022, and art is no different. Buyers are valuing artists and dealers with sustainable practices in place over those without. This can look like anything from creating art from sustainable materials to removing excess plastic from artwork’s shipping packaging. 

Art itself is also being created with themes of sustainability and environmental consciousness at the forefront. We will see many more pieces inspired by the struggles and emotions tied to the current condition of our climate, and art will be used as a tool to inspire change and action  in its viewers. 

Modern Abstract Paintings are In

Oversized Minimalist Black White Original Oil Painting On Canvas | Innovign Art Shop

Modern abstract paintings have been popular for the past few years and aren’t going away anytime soon. Buyers seem to love the open-ended space for interpretation that abstract paintings create. These pieces are conversation starters, exciting to the eyes, and evoke an emotional response in their viewers. 

Abstract paintings are also renowned for their individuality. These completely unique works of art are not only unlike other paintings on the market, but also elicit a completely individual experience for each person who sees it. Two people can look at a set of abstract paintings and derive completely different meanings from them. This exciting juxtaposition of universality and distinction is why abstract paintings are still trending and will most likely continue for some time. 

African Art Focused

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The art market has always been influenced by certain regions more than others. European culture dominated the industry for so long. Then Asian influences were most prevalent for a number of years. Now, buyers are more invested in African Art. 

African art is characterized by its luminosity, interpretation of the human experience, and complexity. These pieces typically display great technical skill and balance of intricate details creating a visually pleasing, thought-provoking piece. 

Street Art is Dignified

Contemporary Colorful Abstract Oil Painting Canvas | Innovign Art Shop

For many years, street art was looked down upon as a “lesser” form of art that was not as honorable or distinguished as traditional paintings. That notion is being completely blown out of the window in 2022. Street art is now viewed as an extremely technical and expressive form of art, that buyers are regarding at just as high of value as other art forms.